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  • Conduct longitudinal studies to:
    • Assess the relationship between antenatal and demographic risk factors and neonatal outcomes
    • Assess the relationship between maternal, placental, neonatal and perinatal risk factors and subsequent infant outcomes
    • Examine the relationship between fetal growth and subsequent neonatal and early childhood neurodevelopmental and growth outcomes
    • Determine the relationship between early biomarkers (maternal, fetal and neonatal) and subsequent infant and childhood outcomes
    • Assess the relationship between perinatal interventions and subsequent neonatal outcomes
    • Monitor trends in survival and the incidence of various neonatal disease entities related to perinatal risk factors, interventions, biochemical and biophysical markers of diseases (e.g, cytokines, chemokines, angiogenic/anti-angiogenic factors, and Doppler velocimetry, etc.) and fetal growth
    • Provide data for hypothesis formulation, study design and sample size estimates for perinatal studies addressing neonatal, infant and early childhood outcomes.
  • Conduct interventional trials for the prevention of adverse neonatal outcomes