NanoBioScience Institute 

Center for Macromolecular Structure-Function: A Nanometer
& Femtosecond Scale Bioscience & Engineering Center (NBSI)


Founder Director:

Bhanu P. Jena, Dept. of Physiology, WSU School of Medicine



Charles W. Manke, Dept. Chemical Engineering and Materials Science


Leading Institution: Wayne State University

Participating Institutions: Iowa State University; Mississippi State University; Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Asia NanoBioScience & Technology Institute, Pusan, S. Korea; University of Bristol, UK; NanoBioScience Center, Babes Bolyai, and Carol Davila Universities, Romania; NanoBioScience Center, Institute of Physiology, Georgian Academy of Sciences, Tiblisi, Georgia.


Advisory Board Members:

 Daniel A. Walz, Detroit, MI, United States; Denys Wheatley, Aberdeen, United Kingdom; Lloyd L. Anderson, Iowa, United States

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Mission Statement   NBSI - Major Research Groups
Education and Human Resource Plans and Objectives Translational Research, Collaboration & Partnership Plans and Objectives
Communication Centerís Leadership and Management Plan

2019 NBSI Progress Report

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Updated: 04/26/2019