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Jena Lab

Prof. Bhanu P. Jena

Office Phone: 313-577-1532

Graduate Students:


Ken Lewis

Research Interest: Understanding the Molecular Structure and Composition of the Neuronal Porosome
Cell: 248-860-8612

Akshata Naik
Research Interest: Cell Secretion
Phone: 313-577-2720

Eric Kuhn
Research Interest:
Mechanisms of cancer & muscular diseases detection
Phone: 313-577-2720

athleen Kolinko
Research Interest: Cell Secretion
Cell: 248-860-8612



Medical Students:


Steven Mekaru
Research Interest:
Secretory Defects in Cystic Fibrosis Disease Cell:

Undergraduate Students:


Palak Joshi

Research Interest: TBD

Nikhil Reddy Yedulla
Research Interest: TBA


Prof. Gavin Lawes (Sabbatical)
Phone: 313-577-2774

Previous lab members:


Suvra S. Laha, Ph.D.
Post-Doc Fellow
Research Interest: Nano Cell Biology
& Nano Physics

Leah Zhang, M.D., Ph.D.

Maheshika Perera
Research Interest: Nano Cell Biology & Nano Physics

Sanjana Kulkarni

Research Interest: Secretion in endocrine pancreas

Alina Shafikova
Research Interest: Cancer treatment using nanoparticles

Malek Ghandour
Research Interest: Protein distribution in the neuronal porosome complex

Samia Mazumder

(L-R: Won Jin Cho, Leah Shin, ZhiHui Chen, Nirukti Basi, Jin-Sook Lee, and Bhanu P. Jena) Shree Samantray missing from picture

(L-R: Sudhansu Dash, A.K.M. Adbus Sattar, Sang-Joon Cho, Marie Kelly, Jin Ah Cho,Alina Elena Ilie, Kathy Rognlien, Rania Abu-Hamdah, Aleksander Jeremic (Back)) Bhanu P. Jena missing from picture

Administrative Assistant:

Oneita Hunt (Grants Management)

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