CT Anatomy Tutorials:
The Inferior Mesenteric Vein




Red=inferior mesenteric vein

Yellow=splenic vein

Green=superior mesenteric vein

Blue=jejunum at the ligament of Treitz




Axial CT sections from the ligament of Treitz to the splenic vein

Above the ligament of Treitz, the inferior mesenteric vein continues superiorly and usually joins the splenic vein as shown in the image on the right. However, since the inferior mesenteric vein is close to the origin of the portal vein, it can also join the superior mesenteric or portal veins.


Red=inferior mesenteric vein

Yellow=jejunum at the ligament of Treitz

Green=fourth portion of the duodenum




Coronal CT sections anterior to posterior at the ligament of Treitze

Coronal sections from the same study as above shows the close relationship of the inferior mesenteric vein to the ligament of Treitz.


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