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About Us                                                                                                         

Pronounced “es-kyu-LEY-pee-uhns” Aesculapians is an honorary service organization that is devoted to the city of Detroit and the WSU School of Medicine.  Every March, new members are nominated and elected by their peers for their interest and participation in extracurricular activities.  Our organization consists of approximately 50 members from all four classes.

In addition to participating in many community programs throughout the year, the Aesculapians are also involved with many medical school activities including First-Year Orientation, the Annual Alumni Telefund, and sponsorship of the ever popular Lampoons.

The serpent is the symbol of Asculapius (Aesculapius) because it represented rejuvenation (renewal) as demonstrated by the periodic shedding of its skin. Many believed that snakes lived forever and that they helped discover health-giving medicinal herbs. According to one legend, a snake brought such herbs to Asculapius (Aesculapius) and to show his gratitude, he took on the shape of a serpent, too. The wooden staff was also designated as his symbol, because it represented his wanderings from place to place as he dispensed cures.

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