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Selected Publication (Secretion & Membrane Fusion)




Atomic Force Microscopy in Cell Biolog, Academic Press 68:1-409. (2002)
Force Microscopy in Biology and Medicine, Wiley Press, 1-298.  (2006)
Methods in Nano Cell Biolog, [Dedicated in memory of George E. Palade (1912-2008), the father of modern cell biology] Academic Press/Elsevier 90:1-505. (2008)
NanoCellBiology - Multimodal Imaging in Biology & Medicine Pan Stanford Publishing Pte Ltd.  ISBN: 9789814411790ISBN: 9789814411790. (2014)

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"Dedicated to my students who have made my journey through science greatly rewarding and filled with excitement." óBhanu P. Jena 

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